Cyber Security is applying a technology, process and control mechanisms, in order to protect systems, network, programs, devices and data from cyber-attacks.

Businesses face daily threats from ransomware, malicious code, social engineering, insider malware, disinformation, and data leakage.

The biggest goal of customers is not to have incidents, but to focus on their direct daily activities, and to entrust IT solutions to a reliable partner (whose main activity is security), who would constantly and properly would monitor their IT infrastructure, carry out incident prevention and advise in the field of improving cyber security.

Security service provider is responsible for:

  • Security posture monitoring and regular reporting
  • Expert knowledge application, ensuring incident prevention
  • Incident identification, triage, and remediation
  • Risk management in security field
  • Providing recommendations for security state improvement

The main security service provider responsibility is Managed Organisation Security Posture insurance.

We know, what we do, cause we use, what we know!

What is SOC

SOC – Security Operations Center – a part of an organization or an external service, that performs continuous monitoring of the organization's devices and network with a the help of the necessary specialists, processes and technologies, in order to prevent cyber threats.

SOC is not just tools and experts. SOC goal is achieved by many people, having different responsibilities – as from SOC, as from internal organisation. At the same time, it is also security maturity level improvement advisor. 

SOC is also a function, improving organisations cyber security maturity, with a help of continuous and in place threat prevention, detection, analysis and response to cyber incidents.

Our Mission - is to become a relable partner in cyber security, protecting most precious company's asset - informationa and reputation - by providing security operation services on time, reliably and professionaly.

We do not promise, that with us you will not have incidents. We promise, that if they will occur, we will detect them before damage is done and effectively reponde to them.

How we deliver service

Santa Monica Networks SOC service is provided by these principles:

  • Protect, detect and investigate, responde
  • Totaly take care of required tools and their support
  • Be proactive, not reactive
  • 24x7x365 monitoring and response
  • Experienced and sertified team
  • Take over these tasks from the Client:
  • Monitor endpoints
  • Evaluate vulnerabilities
  • Manage incidents and eradicate them 
  • Maintain SOC tools

Our service value to Your business security:

  • Reducing client security risks with the help of experts
  • More effective incident management and regulatory compliance, security awareness and situation management
  • Consolidation of the security budget by combining separately implemented security elements into one, e.g. antivirus, endpoint protection
  • When applying prevention, protection of devices is carried out in real time
  • Proactive analysis and investigation ensures faster and more flexible incident investigation
  • Incident denoising using ML-based threat detection
  • Enrichment or replacement of your security team
  • Use of the latest and neat technologies, with us taking care of their purchase, maintenance, and renewal
  • Reducing the complexity of security operations
  • The service is provided, managed and supported
  • Timely security recommendations ensure that the infrastructure will be ready to respond to changes in the cyber market
Scale of our SOC services

SOC's main services include:

  • Monitoring, detection, investigation and evaluation of security incidents
  • Monitoring and analysis of malicious code, insider threats and cyber fraud
  • Vulnerability monitoring and management
  • Customer-tailored reporting and notification of incidents and threats
  • Threat monitoring
  • Legal assistance in emergency situations

According to the need and situation, we also provide the following services:

  • Digital forensic
  • We fully manage the incident management process, including communication with the appropriate authorities
  • Negotiations with ransom/threat representatives
  • Cyber ​​literacy training (based on tools)
  • Support for encrypted incidents
How our SOC is different

We provide full SOC service – next generation EDR/XDR technologies and experienced experts.

Our chosen way of working:

  • Allows us to adapt faster to environmental changes
  • Experience the benefits of our services faster
  • The initial activation of the service is quick and easy
  • We dive in data lakes and not drown in data swamps
  • We provide a more effective response

Our Goal – to be proactive, not reactive and by all means protect, and remediate when detected.

We focus on four main pillars - protection, detection, investigation and response to threats.

We also provide NOC (Network Operations Center) services in our company. If the Customer chooses NOC and SOC services together, we can offer an even greater level of security - not only to monitor and inform or recommend how to improve the Customer's security, but also to optimize the configurations of the network infrastructure elements accordingly.

Our SOC experts
Our team consists of certified experts with practical experience in surveillance and protection areas. Therefore we can fulfill the following roles:
  • SOC manager – organizes SOC work, communicates with clients
  • Level I Analyst - automated role thanks to our chosen tools
  • Level II Analyst - responsible for incident analysis and initial response
  • Level II Analyst – focuses on threat identification
  • Security Tools Engineer - deploys and maintains SOC tools
Cooperations with lawyers

In the event of an incident, perhaps more important than the financial consequences is maintaining reputation.

We work together with the best Lithuanian lawyers, creating practice-based incident management processes, and we aim to manage incidents in a timely manner, not only at the technical level, but also in the legal, liability and communication areas.

Our partners in SOC

Technology suppliers - with whom we have many years of experience and exceptional market conditions. We use commercial and open source solutions in the areas of network, end devices, web protection.

Experienced lawyers - providing reliable legal assistance in case of crises.

In our daily activities, we rely on the recommendations of ISO 27000, ISO 14000, ISO 9000 standards.

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